Mussadique is a scientist at heart with some super obscure degree in Cognitive Science. He discovered he can science and art alike (and some business), where he began making architectural renderings, music videos, and worked himself to generalist 3D artist to Technical Director of Studio Voxel which he founded. The visionary and corporate & strategic planning head for Studio Voxel, he is an accomplished 3D artist, programmer and an authority in CG technology and passionate about the visual arts. Mussadique is very much involved in the IT and technical aspect of running the studio where he founded based on the marriage of technology and artistic sensibility.


Jordan secretly studied animation and gaming while in business classes at college. Graduated in Business and Information Technology, he came out a skilled animator and great at After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Blender, Nuke and all that stuff that makes magic on screen. He figured making stuff happen on screen is more fun than crunching numbers and that the term Creative Director and VFX Supervisor sounds way cooler. He is Studio Voxel’s all-round media creator, and conceptualises and directs all the projects encompassing a broad spectrum of media related productions. He spearheads, directs and develops techniques for Voxel's projects involving animation, graphics & film, commercials, television and the corporate stuff as well. As a VFX supervisor he not just oversees all of the studio’s projects but is the creative force and often times, also executor of Voxel’s VFX projects when the going gets tough.


Yasmin thought that graduating as a graphic designer would see her making pretty pictures on posters and annual reports for companies where she would have fun being creative and making money at the same time, which she did for a time in her life. Somehow, she was thrown into the world of the moving picture and thought she would have even more fun rubbing shoulders with movie folks. Somewhere along the way, she found herself buried in excel sheets, too many phone calls and meetings, and arranging for other people to have the fun of making cool pictures. She is producer, born from the many years of organising hairpins to elephants of production and visual effects.


After spending years at the top of the banking game, the facts and figures of money and business have always been fascinating to Azzam. So much so that he actually collects money! Really... With a collection of over 180 countries' currency, this man knows cash. Educated in Washington DC, USA at George Washington University, graduated with a Bachelors of Administration in Finance in 1987. Azzam started his career with then Bank of Commerce Bhd in the same year in the Treasury Department as a dealer until 1993 when he was transferred to the Corporate Banking department. In 1995 he was appointed as Head of Japanese Desk at BOC. In 1999 upon the merger of Bank Bumiputra Bhd and BOC, he was made the Business Centre Manager based at the head office of the new bank Bumiputra-Commerce Bank Bhd. He also served as the General Manager of BCB Tokyo Branch in 2000 then became the Chief Executive Officer of Commerce Tijari Bank Bhd in 2005. He also served as Director of CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad. Through it all he never gave up his love of... Comics! Marvel in particular, and model tanks are also a passion. WIth over 25 years of comics, his collection spans the gamut. All this and yet he finds time to balance books, create innovative financing schemes and find fresh new ways to put it all together, when it seems an impossible task.


Born and raised in Connecticut in North Eastern America. He was bitten by the acting bug first. Starting first on the stage, having appeared in numerous musicals and a season or two of summer stock productions, his ability to entertain began. An Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Mass Comm only cemented the idea that he loves to create ideas. But Jay spent more time in the field, learning the reality of the business, instead of burying his nose in books. Shortly thereafter, he got involved in the broadcasting biz and never looked back. Concepter, writer, children’s book author, film and commercial director, screenwriter, musician, actor, cop (yes, a cop) – the guy has done it all, in a career that’s spanned over 40 years. He's even been nominated for a regional EMMY® award for one of his short films. Although he didn't win, he says it IS true, it's an honour just to be nominated! Jay is a conduit for inspirational energy. He gets staffers and clients excited about what could be and then finds ways to make it happen. Jay is constantly figuring out how to take the tired and make it inspired - across all industries and across all brands. He has an innate ability to weave compelling, inspirational stories into everything he touches. He is intimately involved in all aspects of the client's works and his ability to bring to life the concepts and philosophies behind the ideas is one of the things that bridges the gap.


Sandie, grew up not ever saying no to a challenge. She ran away from the world of corporate suits and dove into Production (and found herself on the other end of dealing with corporate suits) and loving it. She has dealt with funny, difficult, strange, too much, too little of situations and people which earned her the desk of Prime Fixer of the company. The term Fixer pretty much sums up her role as a can do all on any situation given and she does it loud and clear. An all rounded Producer, she not only engineers and generates leads (thanks to her corporate suit days), but also gets down on the ground to get things done, on time and on budget.