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Studio Voxel provides creative services and visual effects, devoted to making remarkable visuals and images and made up of creative and passionate people. Working with our clients on their projects is much like a partnership where the work is collaborative and the creative process an intimate part of the working relationship.

We achieve this through the fusion of creative ideas and the constantly evolving techniques and technologies. Large and small projects alike are a result of principles of critical thinking and design. We approach every project with solutions specific to theme, style and medium and sensitive to our client’s end vision.


Our Services

We provide creative solutions that span from VFX, video production to content creation. The culmination of skills and experience at Studio Voxel is the reason for our ability to handle a wide variety of projects, working and collaborating with productions, businesses and brands. We’re also super excited to do things a bit out of scope from the typical production pipeline. So, if you have the kind of project that is something a bit out of the ordinary, get in touch with us, let’s chat and see where it goes.


From CGI to on-set supervision, animation, digital assets, characters, simulation, environments, layout, lighting, pre-vis, compositing, roto – Visual effects is part of the life of almost all productions, don’t think that only horror, action series and movies get their share of VFX. Dramas, comedies, documentaries and chick-flicks also deserve VFX to make the production value soar, look amazing and super cool. We help you realise your vision for your picture. Make that call and ask us how.


Help your business reach new audiences, attract new viewers and retain existing ones to your social media pages and website with videos. People are drawn to stories told on video more than ever.

Every brand, service and product reaches its audience with stories via video. Video is the way to go to achieve brand awareness your business needs and we can help you do that.


Get us on board for your videos, live action, animated, short or long, our video production and motion graphics team handles everything from titles, end cards, to in-film motion graphic enhancements and full-length motion graphics videos, online content, from concept, shoot to finish – let us know what you need and we’ll take it from there.


Want to gun for a 30% rebate for your VFX?

Malaysia provides an incentive of a 30% rebate for both Malaysian and foreign production activities known as the Film in Malaysia Incentive (FIMI), whereby, under the Post Production Activity segment, a production may qualify to conduct VFX works in Malaysia and enjoy the incentive. We can assist interested parties in the application towards a Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure (QMPE). The incentive is available for Feature Films, TV Series, Feature Animation, Animation Series & Documentaries.

Contact us and we’ll do our best to help get your production on board this goodie.



Whether it’s gaming, film, animation, TV broadcasting or live entertainment, Studio Voxel utilises the XSens system that provides accurate, optical quality results. Its advanced inertial technology means it allows a performance capture from anywhere. The Xsens MVN is boundary pushing tech, giving you clean production ready data from anywhere, both inside and outside the studio.

Clean and Accurate Data

With XSens’ proprietary HD Reprocessing Engine the motion capture data is taken to a whole new level of accuracy and smoothness that gives the best quality motion capture data available in the market.

You are not tied down to a location

With On-body Recording (OBR) capability, this means a performer is not tied down to a location and equipment. Performances can be captured outdoors, indoors, moving freely wherever the talent needs to be. The Body Pack of the OBR system has an internal memory that has the capacity to record up to 15 hours of data giving a production the freedom to perform with minimal disruption of equipment set up and resets.

Magnetically affected environments - no problem

Xsens MVN provides production quality mocap data in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments with proven sensor fusion algorithms.

Magnetic Immunity means good data

Experience the benefits of full magnetic immunity in all conditions. Proven sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion capture. Even in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments, Xsens MVN provides you with production quality mocap data.


Our Work

One Meter Garden – Japan In A Small Space
One Meter Garden – A Christmas Tea
Showreel Fifteen
Destruction Los Angeles – VFX
Nasi Lemak 2.0
Winter is Coming – Mercy Malaysia for Syria – PSA
Safe Driving – PSA
Documentary Graphics
What’s Up with the Earth – A Video Book
Safe Driving –  PSA – VFX Breakdown
Gleneagles Corporate video
A motion graphics video for Great Eastern Insurance
The Mystery of the Groovy Googles
Hari Malaysia Music Video – VFX Breakdown
FireFly Airlines
Rojak – Short Film
AZAN – A Short Film
Network ASEAN Forum 2013
GDP Fragrances – VFX Breakdown
Hey Baby TVC
Seeing Eye Films  – Motion Logo
Factory Music – Motion logo
LEGENDS – A series – VFX Breakdown
How To Maximise Your P1 Experience
The ABC Forum 2014 – Promotional Video
Hantu Gangster – VFX Breakdown
What Is Fair Usage Policy
Penang-Bridge Part 1 & 2 Documentary graphics
Haze Heroes for History Channel – Documentary Graphics
Saloma – A Biopic
P1 Hands Instructional video
Postam Teh Tarik Logo
Nusantara Films
KLMUC Promotional Video
The Strange Mechanic – VFX Breakdown
Energy Day Spa
Kara King – VFX Breakdown
Jwanita – VFX Breakdown
Nasi Lemak 2.0
Arms of Marianne
Lost In America – Music Video
GSC Promo – Popcorn – Animated Leader
GSC Promo – Chinese New Year Lanterns
GSC Promo – USP
GSC Promo – It’s Our Birthday!
Winter is Coming – Mercy Malaysia for Syria – PSA
Special Olympics
Pearl Haya TVC
This is it – Animated Short
FSPB 2014 commercial
P. Ramlee The Musical Intro Montage
Motion Graphics animation for the Malaysian Book of Records
Karya Anggun – Animated Logo
TOP Detergent Commercial
Nasi Lemak 2.0 – VFX
Mitsubishi Aircon
Halilintar VFX Breakdown
Master Showreel

Voxel + Friends

Within our doors is a constant buzz of ideas thanks to our amazing crew. Always up for a challenge, our crew are made up of multi-skilled, nimble, talented individuals, enthusiastic about finding creative solutions to make our clients’ stories come to life on screen.



VFX Supervisor, Creative Director

Jordan is Studio Voxel’s all-round media creator, conceptualises and directs all the projects encompassing a broad spectrum of media related productions. He spearheads, directs and develops techniques for Voxel’s projects involving animation, graphics & film, commercials, television and the corporate stuff as well. As a VFX supervisor he oversees all of the studio’s projects and is the creative force and oftentimes, also executor of VFX projects when the going gets tough and just because he loves it.

“So, you walk eternally through the CGI realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for post-production never quench, may the blood on your stylus never dry, and may we never need you again. “ Corrax”




Yasmin is producer lady boss and gets this right from the many years of organising hairpins to elephants of production and visual effects. With a background as a graphic designer, from designing a world of still imagery, she was hurled into the world of the moving picture, lo and behold, she found herself buried in excel sheets, too many phone calls, meetings, and arranging for other people to have fun making cool pictures and loving it all. She intends to make more and more, bigger, awesome and wonderful moving pictures for the world.

“Wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat.”



Finance Director

After spending years at the top of the banking game, the facts and figures of money and business have always been fascinating to Azzam. So much so that he actually collects money! Really… With a collection of over 180 countries’ currency, this man knows his cash. With a pretty illustrious career spanning over 30 years of banking from KL to Tokyo, naturally, Azzam is our keeper of the bottom line. Through it all he never gave up his love of… Comics! Marvel in particular, and model tanks are also a passion. All this and yet he finds time to balance books, create innovative financing schemes and find fresh new ways to put it all together, when it seems an impossible task.

“Designing worksheets with formulas are as exciting as doing 3D animation…..”



Technical Director, 3D

Our guardian of all IT, 3D and anything that requires coding, Mussadique is the founder of Studio Voxel and our chief in-house 911 and lead thinker. A scientist at heart with some super obscure degree in Cognitive Science, he discovered he can science and art alike, possessing a good grasp of technology and artistic sensibility. He began making architectural renderings, music videos, and worked himself to generalist 3D artist to Technical Director of Studio Voxel.



Producer, Projects Coordinator

Belle pulls it all together, minister of the Voxel Switchboard, the spine to all our projects. She organises and coordinates projects much like what an air traffic controller does to aircrafts in the air, ensuring that deadlines are met without running our crew to the ground. Also an aspiring director, she has directed several music videos on her filmography. She enviably possesses limitless creativity and organisational skills, a lethal combo and is set on a path to big things.

“We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. So be a sponge. It’s biologically impossible, but not really… If you know what I mean.”



Producer, Director

Jay is a conduit for inspirational energy. He gets staffers and clients excited about what could be and then finds ways to make it happen. He has an innate ability to weave compelling, inspirational stories into everything he touches. He is intimately involved in all aspects of the client’s works and his ability to bring to life the concepts and philosophies behind the ideas is one of the things that bridges the gap.

Born and raised in Connecticut, America. Jay spent more time in the field, learning the reality of the business, instead of burying his nose in books. Shortly thereafter, he got involved in the broadcasting biz and never looked back. Conceptor, writer, children’s book author, film and commercial director, screenwriter, musician, actor, cop (yes, a cop) – the guy has done it all, in a career that’s spanned over 40 years. He’s even been nominated for a regional EMMY® award for one of his short films.

“If it’s not broken… break it!”



Lead 3D animator, Simulations

Zaim could draw before finishing his first Peter & Jane book. The spark really started from a stop motion project on his Nokia camera phone at the age of 10, where managed to hustle his way as lead animator at Studio Voxel. Our chief of animation flexes the drawing muscles as well and partakes in the annual ‘Inktober’, creates his own imagery for cool videos for cool people – Malaysian artists like Airliftz, Kyoto Protocol and the Impatient Sisters at Good Vibes Festival. Zaim has always kept what is considered now, his career, as a hobby.

“Art is never finished, only procrastinated”



Lead 3D Generalist, Technical Coordinator

Through the perils of doubt and uncertainty, he rises from the ashes reborn. Learning the 3D ways from the guiding hand of many masters. He now carves onward having renewed fire burning with passion and reminding himself of the sacred chance he has received to never stray away. But many hurdles await, and countless stumbles have come by. Press on evermore he shall.

“ ‘Tis but a scratch. A scratch!? Your arm’s off! No, it isn’t. Well, what’s that then?! I’ve had worse.”



Lead 2D, Motion graphics, Digital Matte Paint

Ashrel has been Studio Voxel’s shaman of 2D since around the time when the King of Pop died. He handles a lot of the creative process with projects spanning from designing maps for documentaries, digital backdrops for theatres and promotional materials, posters for movies, and our chief digital artist .He picks up new hobbies and interests more than he has enough time in his hands. All the latest systems from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are in his possessions, making him a certified console royalty.

“Don’t waste your time or time will waste you.”



3D modeller, Lighting

Our under the hood guy in 3D, Amir is Voxel’s Blender practitioner working in the visual effects realm for the past 10 years. A multi-skilled artist, Amir can 2D as much as he can 3D, other than film and animation, he tackles motion graphics when the need arises and he teaches at colleges the trade of 3D as well. Amir is responsible to swing artists that come to Voxel from whatever 3D tool they came from to our favourite house tool, Blender. He loves Studio Ghibli and classical films, countless hours of playing retro 90’s games and analogue photography.

“In life, you can Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V but there is no Ctrl-Z.”



3D artist, Generalist

He first fell in love with animation and VFX when he discovered the Japanese cartoon series “Gundam”. He was hooked and animation and visual effects have become his life. Our Gundam fanboy and hardcore gamer, is one of our many generalists, in his arsenal, After Effects, Photoshop, Blender, Nuke, throw in the Premier too. His simple motto for work and life :-

“Love what you do – Do what you love.”




Azmi is our 3D animator and rigger. Highly passionate about making various 3D art in film & game development. Azmi is constantly on his toes with the challenges of rigging a plethora of forms from bipedalled forms to moving slime. To keep his sanity, he finds inspiration from artist icons Lee Bermejo , Makoto Shinkai & Feng Zhu. Having spent a good part of his adult years in the animation film industry, outside of work, Azmi loves baking (not just baking in 3D but cakes and muffins).

“Veni , Vidi , Vici”




Our superman in compositing, Farriz ploughs through shots with speed and fervour without sacrificing the deets. Another artist under our roof…



PA of everything, anything all at once

Mini me extraordinaire – Gibran keeps everyone sane when the pressure pot of deadlines gets high. He sits within the spine of the coordination office making sure production operations are well oiled.



VFX Supervisor, Compositor

They say those who can, do – those who can’t, teach. Zaidi has managed to find a way to do both… and does it well! Our resident trainer and college lecturer, Zaidi grinds right alongside everyone to meet deadlines. Managed effects teams for both small projects with tight budgets and numerous international firms with large workflow pipelines for feature films, video games, corporate videos and commercials. In what little spare time he has, Zaidi is a collector-geek of action figures and movie memorabilia.

“After all, tomorrow is just another day!”




Zubaida is an explorer of all the ‘R’s’ in the digital production space – VR, AR, MR etc etc. She plugs the VFX pipeline at Voxel with the support it needs as a compositor to get a job done. Her goal is to be a visual effects supervisor for the creative media and film industry that is growing rapidly with technological advancements. Outside of the compositor life, she is a visual documentary photographer who had the opportunity to capture the Malaysian National Winter Sports Olympic Athletes for ISU National figure skating Championship 2019. Zubaida also produces memes known to a very few people for sanity and occasionally breaks bones in Mortal Kombat for ultimate satisfaction.

“If you feel like you’re going to crash then accelerate more”




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