A group of storytellers that create content that engages audiences. We believe that our “spirit” lets us connect to humans, whereas algorithms only connect to machines. We’re interested in humans! Working in genuine collaboration with clients, GENERATOR creates and/or develops content and ideas. Our aim is to evolve to a new pattern of thoughts to find more effective ways to create content, meet needs and achieve change. Our goal is simply to create and collaborate. We think of our group as a family that shares and operates by the same set of beliefs. We strive to create and maintain a fun and interactive environment that encourages input and moves projects and ideas forward, while promoting healthy competition.

On Going and In Development Projects

If you or your company are interested in collaborating on any of these projects, we’re always open to talk. Give us a call or an email to get things started.

Feature Films


An underappreciated mall mascot has to survive another day at work by leading a group of survivors escaping the attack as a mutagenic creature while averting an evil corporation’s attempt to contain the infestation of their doing and leaving them for dead.



What starts as an uneventful trip on Kuala Lumpur’s monorail turns into 24 hours of hell.Two coaches full of commuters and one lone terrorist with a well-planned scheme.


Online Content


We started a show to talk about the extraordinary ordinary people. The everyday folks, in your community, who through their selfless acts, make this a better place to live.
In the upcoming season of Random Acts we will bring you the stories about these special souls who give of themselves and their time to do good things, just because their heart is in the right place.
They don’t do it for the glory or the fame, but we want to give them a moment. To celebrate the special things they do, without expecting anything in return, to create a happier world.

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An 'in your face', unapologetic comedy

What if God and Buddha were buddies? What if they got together to talk about… life? Sitting on a park bench, overlooking creation, these two heavenly beings have a daily chat about all that and more.


Find stuff on the sidewalk… Eat it!
Imagine lunch from your own urban neighbourhood. Our entertaining host finds, identifies, collects cooks and eats foods that can be found growing wild in an urban environment. You’ll be amazed at what’s edible and very often growing right in your own backyard. From Superfoods to spices, we find them, cook them and tell you how it all works!


Do you have one of those useless little condo balconies that you don’t know how to make the best use of this tiny space? Have a very small piece of yard that’s just wasted? That’s where our experts come in.
A Make-over show with a difference! Our experts meet with the homeowner and find out about their life and lifestyle, then we send the homeowner out while our landscape architects and designers get busy. In a very short amount of time, with a very small budget, they transform this wasted space, into useable and fun places to hang out, entertain or just have a quiet, relaxing moment by yourself. From edible gardens to a small intimate and romantic spot, get ready to finally “do something” about that little one-meter spot!


Manglish sitcom based on the hit early 70’s series from America: The Odd Couple
The only thing these two have in common is, they wind up sharing a flat together. As
opposite housemates, nothing ever goes well for either of them.
In the end, however, a lesson is always learned, and they realize they have more in
common than they think… one way or the other!