Whether it’s gaming, film, animation, TV broadcasting or live entertainment, MVN Animate will give you accurate, optical quality results every time. Its advanced inertial technology means it will do it from anywhere in the world, too. Xsens MVN is boundary pushing tech, giving you clean production ready data from anywhere, both inside and outside the studio.

Using Xsens MVN Animate, both large and small studios can cost-effectively animate CG characters, recording accurate full-body motion data without the need for an optic camera setup.

● No limits
Capture clean full-body motion in any environment. In the studio, on location, or anywhere!

● CG Characters, no cleanup
Use raw data to create realistic CG animations and breathe life-like motion into your character rigging.

● Plugs into your workflow
Xsens seamlessly integrates with Unity, Unreal, Autodesk Maya, and much more.

Set up anywhere

With Xsens MVN Animate, both large and small studios can achieve clean, professional motion capture without cameras and studio space. Using a wireless, inertial motion capture solution allows mocap actors to perform anywhere.


Natural features of an environment can be utilized in visual production. Once users are wearing the suit, trees, buildings, ditches, and more become interactive in a way only possible with inertial motion capture. Both small and large VFX studios can record an actor’s full-body motion as it accurately behaves in real locations.

Effective Choreography

Whether it’s a large scale fighting scene or a wider shot populated with characters, VFX artists can turn raw recordings into realistic CG animations. It’s simple and fast to record new movements effectively – you can see the movements on-screen instantly.